flexmobility platform: Update now available

Before Easter we have provided some extensive updates for all users. In […]

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flexmobility platform: Update is available

In the new year we have already worked diligently and already the […]

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flexmobility platform: Update is available

Shortly before Christmas and at the end of the year, we also […]

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Security vulnerability BSI warns of possible danger

The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has changed the alert […]

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Digitalization requires more than an analog-to-digital conversion of business processes

Well-designed business apps should have much more to deliver than just an […]

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flexmobility platform: Update is now available

This month we have some updates for you. The flexmobility platform release […]

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flexmobility platform: Our service configuration is also an app template

Is this a familiar situation from your service business? Your technical field […]

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Quickly explained: Industry 4.0, what exactly does that mean?

Industry 4.0 is often described as the fourth industrial revolution. But what […]

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Digitization in times of Covid-19

If the pandemic has revealed anything to us, it is that many […]

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flexmobility platform: Update is now available!

Again this month, we have an update available for you. The flexmobility […]

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flexmobility platform: configuration for warehouses & logistics

Probably you are familiar with this scenario: You are looking for an […]

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Quickly explained: edge computing, cloud computing or fog computing?

You have probably come across the terms cloud, fog, or edge computing […]

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Why business apps are important for your company

The advantages of a business app can be explained quickly, and there […]

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Digitization and sustainability: This is how you succeed!

Normally, these two terms are considered separately and not in conjunction with […]

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Business App – native app instead of web app?

Business apps are a decisive factor in the age of digitization. Anyone […]

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flexmobility platform: Update is now available!

Real-time communication, Microsoft B2C integration, offline update, and much more. We have […]

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Quickly explained: What do the terms Low Code or No Code mean?

You’ve probably come across the modern terms low code and no code. […]

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flexmobility platform 11 – new client versions

Since 5th February 2021 the new clients of the flexmobility platform are […]

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Use OCR in your processes anywhere!

With flexmobility platform, you can use OCR text recognition anywhere in your […]

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iOS and iPadOS 14 are on the way – flexmobility platform is prepared!

With every new release of an operating system, there are also various […]

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Online update function – flexmobility platform (on-prem)

With flexmobility platform cloud, we enable countless new possibilities for our users. […]

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flexmobility communication hub – Push-News

With the new flexmobility communication hub, several new functionalities will be introduced. […]

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Generation of ZIP files via flexmobility platform

If you use your mobile device to send a lot of photos […]

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Use our flexmobility platform DifferentCompare feature!

Two different configurations of a business app, but where exactly is the […]

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flexmobility platform – the innovative and efficient digitization platform

flexmobility platform has set itself apart from classic and static “mobility solutions” […]

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Azure Blob Storage Connection

Do you use large amounts of data in a scalable way on […]

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Text-To-Speech Feature

The configurable text-to-speech function of flexmobililty platform allows you to fully integrate […]

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Link to proceed – simply forward a link of your app!

You certainly often work with different documents, which also have to be […]

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Haptic feedback – configurable at any position!

Everyone is familiar with the haptic response of a smartphone, where a […]

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Important information – Corona Pandemic

Dear customers and partners, You are all following the dynamic developments with […]

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Identify assets or goods and trigger interactions via NFC!

With our new client, in addition to reading RFID tags, we also […]

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The new clients of the flexmobility platform © are now in the app stores of Apple, Google and Microsoft!

With the flexmobility platform cloud clients (also abbreviated flexmp-cc or flexmobility platform […]

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