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Voortmann’s service specialists rely on a mobile app in the field and benefit from a high degree of automation in their day-to-day business. The use of mobile devices is becoming increasingly important in the service, maintenance and repair sector. This is also the case at the medium-sized company Voortmann from Issum (Lower Rhine). The specialist for control, compressed air and loading systems recently introduced a mobile solution that effectively facilitates the interaction between internal administration and field service.

In pneumatics, compressed air, hydraulics, electrical engineering and loading technology, Voortmann combines plant engineering, services and trading and spare parts business under one roof. “We are an all-round service provider in our field – from consulting and planning, to commissioning, to 24/7 maintenance and servicing, we take care of everything for our customers,” confirms Robert Sauer, Head of IT at Voortmann GmbH & Co. KG. “In order to effectively manage an increasing workload in day-to-day business even as our clientele grows, we rely on seamless, IT-supported processes.”

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Information directly to the smartphone

Today, the recorded data flows directly from the flexmobility service app into the ERP system – and vice versa. The service technicians on site use smartphones, and the configured app is designed to be device- and platform-independent. As soon as the office staff has scheduled the jobs and assigned them to the technicians, they can call them up. “Colleagues log in via the flexmobility service app using a password and can then see the assignments to be completed at a glance,” explains IT manager Robert Sauer. The solution also displays all the details about the customers, such as location, contact person, phone number, etc. Employees also receive information about the tools and materials that are to be used during the assignment.

Confirm data automatically

The required materials are made available to the technicians in the warehouse in the morning and then they are off to the construction site. During the day, the service technician enters key data such as the time of departure and arrival, kilometers driven, duration of working hours, etc. directly into the time recording function of his flexmobility service app. Data on additional meal expenses or travel costs are now also automatically calculated in the app and forwarded to the HR department. Robert Sauer remembers: “This is a great relief, because in the past, 35 fully written accounting slips with the monthly benefits fluttered into the HR department every month. Today, the data is simply uploaded on the go, automatically calculated and lands directly in the designated folders.”

Invoice faster

As soon as the technician has completed his work at the customer’s site, the office staff receives a message and can start invoicing. “Thanks to the mobile field service solution, our service specialists have a much lower recording effort and can concentrate more on their core business,” IT manager Robert Sauer sums it up. “At the same time, we relieve our office staff of additional bureaucracy, avoid errors during transmission and can issue our invoices much faster. The latter not only increases liquidity, but also transparency vis-à-vis our customers.”

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