Probably you are familiar with this scenario: You are looking for an item in your warehouse that, according to inventory management, is available in sufficient quantities. But where is the item? Cannot find it? Maybe someone took it out manually and forgot to clear it from inventory. The inventory difference builds up, the order to be supplied cannot be served and soon there is also the inventory! These are unnecessary problems in the age of digitalization.


Your warehouse management processes can easily be optimized! Every structured warehouse needs stringent procedures, including data maintenance and control. Whether entering, ordering, or checking data – information on materials, goods receipts, transfers, goods issues, etc.-is constantly updated.


Staying organized, structured data entry and management is required. The first step is to digitally support all essential work steps and take this opportunity to optimize them significantly. With flexmobility platform, it is quick and easy to make these analog data processes available to all employees via configuration in a digital and secure warehouse/logistics solution. We have templates for configuring flexmobility-based business apps, e.g., in the warehouse. These can be used to configure the cornerstone of a flexible, native, and even mobile business app for your company. The implementation is blazing fast: in our workshops, we can try out and optimize the first approaches, fitting your requirements.

Your advantages when you choose our solution:


  • Optimize your warehouse functions and transform them into auditable digital processes.
  • Create transparency in all areas of your company and have an overview in real-time
  • Optimize your warehouse: route optimization, inventory optimization, and audits
    Label your storage locations and items with 1D, 2D, or RFID tags for better identification
  • Reduce your inventory differences to a minimum and use digital inventory as a rolling or chronological audit
  • Speed up processes with intelligent logic, such as in innovative and optimized picking
  • Work paperless and transfer documents directly on the spot into the related systems to make them accessible to all authorized departments


If you want to add more functions or replace them with others, this is also possible by configuration, company-wide, and for almost any use case!


Are you interested in this or another flexmobility template, e.g., CRM, service, or e-commerce? Then contact us quickly and easily at! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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