Well-designed business apps should have much more to deliver than just an analog-to-digital conversion of business processes. Companies often want to convert a process from analog to digital, but the technologies available today offer much more far-reaching possibilities. Business processes must first be carefully considered in such projects, taking into account the available options.

Is AI the key to digitalization?

AI, or artificial intelligence, is one of the major trend topics of the decade. The first thing to do is to weigh up what is meant by AI and how to assess the applicability of AI in one’s business processes. Companies often lack the basis for AI, starting with the underlying data and ending with structures in the systems. AI will become one of the significant factors in business in the coming years, including for the creation of business apps. To evaluate the usability of AI, companies should start separate projects and weigh the possibilities of AI.

Smart even without AI?

If one is not currently AI-ready, one should weigh whether to implement smart solutions anyway. Opportunities to support the user are a key factor in the transition from analog process structures to digital business apps. A smartly created business app uses the possibilities to check a user’s input and scans for plausibility. Simple examples of this in a maintenance process might be the parts that need to be replaced. The input or scan of a marking of a part to be replaced can enormously increase the security in the process to also mount the correct new part. A system checks the compatibility in the background at the push of a button and signals to the employee in a simple and clear way which spare part he can install. By entering or scanning the new part, an additional safety level can be built in and documentation can be created or maintained. To do this, one uses communication with the company’s systems in an active and guided business app. For example, an ERP, PLM, and additional DMS system is addressed interactively and bidirectionally for processing. If necessary, a technical drawing, an update program or instructions can also be consulted directly in the business app. The Business App acts with additional logic. Thus, the error rate and the loss of relevant information can be minimized or even eliminated. Possibilities of RFID, QR or barcode, digital image processing via camera give additional possibilities for business apps that can be used to simplify, secure, and accelerate business processes.

Communication and interaction are trumps!

A very important feature for a business app is therefore also the ability to communicate and interact. It has long since ceased to be of any use to simply store a mindless paper checklist and a few photos on a mobile device and then transfer them to the system. Modern business apps must be able to interact. Information from all systems in the company should be available in real time and at any time, if possible, and should also be fed back with information from the business app. This is the only way to create real added value when using digital business apps for the company using them and its employees.

Business apps with the smart factor are much more than a capture solution or remote control or another interface for existing systems. Modern business apps use their own logic structures, coordinate and orchestrate sub- and process structures, and make use of all the possibilities.

Smart services and AI from the cloud

The linking of smart services is also a very important approach of modern cloud-integrated business apps. Thus, it should be easy to use any smart services and AI from the cloud. There are many ways to use intelligent and smart services in the cloud. For example, an app for admission control can be enriched with simple services from the cloud. A business app then has the option of using the camera to evaluate the mood of a person as an example via cloud service. In this way, the cloud service in such an application can help to identify aggressive persons and, for example, initiate a further check for illegal items during an admission to a soccer match. Many other examples such as the inspection of materials by device scan or the recognition of certain properties are possible today via cloud service.

Congestion in digitization to the horizon

The possibilities of digital business apps are almost infinite and arbitrary. The Corona Pandemic, which has been prevalent worldwide since 2020, shows just how much analog processes and data are outdated and in need of replacement. With analog and paper documents, numerous loopholes are offered to circumvent laws (yellow vaccination card, access with a fake test, etc.). Here, the use of digital apps and control options, e.g. with certificate checks, etc., would be an elementary difference that would significantly facilitate the application of laws. Unfortunately, it must be admitted in many places that the topic of digitalization has not been consistently pursued to date, both in public life and in companies.

Our solution

We at 3mobility solutions have flexmobility platform, the digital software platform for creating native business apps without programming. Whether classic mobile application areas such as warehouse management and logistics or apps in the area of CRM, sales or services can be configured with the platform. The implementation possibilities of the flexmobility platform are unlimited for every use case and the possibilities in function, design and operation of the created business app are in no way inferior to a programmed app.

Have we made you curious? Then simply contact us at info@3ms.info. We look forward to hearing from you!


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