Real-time communication, Microsoft B2C integration, offline update, and much more.

We have another great update for you! The update is now available. Below you can read about the technical innovations and new features you can expect with this update.


Toast messages


You can now create individual feedback for the user via designable toast messages. This means that now success messages e.g. after a booking or saving a record can be customized individually in color, size, etc. in the resource files.


Offline databases


The function of offline databases has been extended: the data volumes are getting bigger and bigger and the update allows the user to use an external database even easier in flexmobility platform to use the data offline. Furthermore, the performance of the synchronization of the offline database has been optimized by a new procedure.




With the new update and an extension of the file download available, ZIP files are now automatically unpacked. In addition, the function file lists for the synchronization of files have been expanded.




The WebView has matured as an additional module for the creation of native business apps to another cornerstone of the flexmobility platform. With increasing requirements for the creation of highly secure and powerful browser-used business portals, web stores, and other possibilities of the WebView, the underlying technology has been provided with the latest possibilities and standards of technology. As of the upcoming version (currently beta), our Webview has a real-time communication basis and thus also enables data-efficient real-time applications on the web.


Microsoft Azure AD B2C integrated into flexmobility platform


With the B2C module, Microsoft provides an outstanding and secure cloud-based solution for identity and access management. With flexmobility platform, the full performance spectrum of Microsoft B2C can be used via simple and super-flexible configuration. For example, web stores, B2B portals, and many other applications can benefit from this integration.


Central Cloud Manager


There are further options for implementing complex design requirements for sophisticated graphical user interfaces in the new version of Central Cloud Manager. You will find additional styles, CSS classes, and icons to configure including a preview similar to the template picker in the “User Interface Type” section.


Are you interested in the full range of technical possibilities with flexmobility platform? Then contact us at We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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