In the new year we have already worked diligently and already the second update of the year for you. The flexmobility platform release has recently become available. In the following you will learn which technical innovations, features and fixes you can expect with this update.




New check mark “Keep offline content when changing server” in the client configuration under App data. The offline data is then taken along when the server is changed.

Paging in tables: The configured value for paging interval can now also consist of a placeholder.

A separate function has been added to the SQLite function repertoire.

DB synchronization (local): Consideration of the new “Source DB” option in result tables. This also required a server-side adaptation. The server should also have at least version

DB import: Before the database generation is triggered on the server, a check is made on the client side whether offline processes are configured for the user at all. If not, a corresponding message is displayed and the process is aborted.

Bugfix: Embedded processes -> template (with inherited target) was set permanently. This caused an error when the same element was later generated again but in the NOT embedded context. The inherited target always remained.

New condition type “Field content valid” and the inverse of it: “Field content not valid”.

Condition type “Field value is equal” / “Field value is not equal”: Now also works with placeholders that are not field values, e.g. [client_platform] etc.

Condition type “Comparison”: Calculation expressions are now also possible in the comparison. e.g. 10 == 2*5.




Configuration DB synchronization: For SQL result tables, an individual source DB from the DB pool can be stored. Thus, it is possible to obtain the data from different sources during a synchronization process.

Design” settings: Here there were problems, if an error occurred during saving, e.g. because one was not logged in. Only after a browser reload it was possible to see that the changes had not been saved. Changed procedure.

Moving masks: It was possible to move a process into itself. This is no longer possible.

Registering a device ID: If a device is registered directly with “active” due to the “default” template, but no active device is allowed anymore due to the license, the device is still registered, but as NOT active. Previously, in this case, the device was not registered at all and never ended up in the device list.

The text/code editor has received various optimizations (toggle button for text wrapping, extended text input, keyboard shortcuts, etc.).

Note texts were previously only available as a “title” attribute on mouseover and were thus difficult to read, especially if they were longer. They now open additionally in a modal when clicking on the question mark icon.

Comparison tool: when an element is imported from an offline mask, the “offline identifier” of the target mask is automatically set to “true”.




Sending push notifications: Sound specification for iOS added.

Bugfix of DB download: Sql result tables with passed DB pool entry still went to default DB.

Bugfix of the DB download as .zip file: There were cases where the generated ZIP file was corrupt and could not be unpacked. This has been fixed.




New templates available in template picker:

  • Option “+ / – Buttons” for template “Number field”
  • Tree structure for tables
  • Sound for elements with processing
  • Rating at text fields, labels, dropdown lists, editable tables
  • Datalist for dropdown lists


Addition of a custom implementation of a (very) simple time picker.

Editable tables:

  • hide save button by specifying “save” -> “hidden” under “UI-Type if record editable”.
  • All fields readonly (-> labels) AND hide the save button by specifying the template option {“readonly”: true}.


Bugfix Charts: in certain constellations the chart grew infinitely in height.

Bugfix: reload of the mask when clicking on title/icon called twice.

Bugfix: scrollbar disappeared after ConfirmDialog.

Fix editable tables: Labels provided with the style height:auto.




iOS Push Notification: added sound + increase “new message” count if push notification arrives when app is open and active.

Condition “minimum length” and “maximum length”: An unfilled field always resulted in “true” and is now correctly handled with length 0.

The placeholder for the offline mode identifier [offlinemode] was only read once initially, an unsaved change of the identifier was not considered. This is the case when performing a forwarding with the “change online mode” identifier.

Tables and pass [tbl:index]: If a table received a preassignment of the selected row by a parameter pass from a forwarding, nothing happened when clicking on a table row.

Create ZIP file: This did not work if no documentcapture folder existed locally.


Are you interested in the full scope of technical possibilities with flexmobility platform? Then simply contact us at We look forward to seeing you.  

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