Before Easter we have provided some extensive updates for all users. In the following you will learn which technical innovations, features and fixes you can expect with this update.




New license check mechanisms.

Empty mask: Transfer values can be kept.

Language change: The language change, triggered from Resources, has been provided with additional options.

Flatten JSONPath: Conversion to flat structure possible via attribute.

Enhanced security feature: SQL queries can now also be configured parameterized.

WebServices and error messages – Processing of complex error messages in XML or JSON format with further options.

Database import: Additional placeholder functions.




Warning for references to table columns that have been removed or renamed.

Warning icon displayed in element list for sql and web service icons if referenced pool ID is not present in the pool.

Multilingualism and translations: In the “Languages” area you can list all text objects and edit them directly.

Moving menu items: In the edit view of a menu item there is the property “Menu ID”. Here the parent menu can be selected -> this way menu items can be moved.

Links can be opened in a new tab by clicking on mouse wheel or Ctrl + click. In detail this applies to the following links:

CCM main menu
CCM submenus
Configuration: Links to the processes




SendMail WebService has been revised.




Modals are now possible and configurable in the default templates.

Page menu: The side menu was always visible on large displays. It can now be hidden by the user.

New template for customizable checkboxes.

Editable tables: new column type “div” for normal text display.

Template “AutoUpdate” for print button added.




In maps the makers with a <br> in Info were not displayed correctly.

Different Compare: “{{” in element content caused problems, because this is Angular syntax and Angular tried to interpret it.

In the new advanced text input.

In version, the structure tree sometimes disappeared.


Are you interested in the full range of technical possibilities with flexmobility platform? Then please contact us at We are looking forward to hearing from you.


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