flexmobility Apps - ingeniously simple!

The business apps configured via the web interface (Central Cloud Manager) are native. They can be used via the AppStore of the respective manufacturer using the flexmobility app or the customer app. Changes to the configurations of the business app can be made across devices via the platform. Thanks to the platform’s intuitive user interface, administrators can easily distribute new functions to all end devices within a very short time.

Business Apps Konfiguration flexmobility platform
Business Apps Konfiguration flexmobility platform

Business apps by configuration: Quickly learned, without programming knowledge

flexmobility platform follows the configuration approach. This makes it possible to implement professional business apps flexibly according to individual wishes and requirements without any code or programming. flexmobility platform is thus a powerful tool for experienced IT specialists. After only a short time, users of flexmobility technology are able to transform complex processes into usable business apps by means of configuration. The flexacademy also offers various options and training courses to quickly familiarize users with the platform’s capabilities.

Keine Programmierung Business Apps

No programming

Easy and flexible app creation without source code via Central Cloud Manager (CCM) graphical configuration interface.



OneConfig technology creates runnable apps for Windows, iOS and Android with native features from a single configuration at the touch of a button.

NativeFeatures Business Apps

Native Features Inside

Configurable native features such as barcode, RFID, document capture, GPS, geofencing, camera, imaging, OCR, on/offline and much more.

Data and processes as a driver

flexmobility platform connects your systems, business logics and data from all system worlds to create a highly complex business app. Whether OnPrem-based ERP systems, cloud or microservices or any databases: with flexmobility platform, almost all modern, common systems can be connected or integrated into your business app. Likewise, your own logics and data can be quickly and easily as well as clearly integrated into your business app for skillful orchestration. Thus, you create applications and business apps according to a detached mindset, as it is required for your business needs.

Business Apps Konfiguration flexmobility platform Übersicht
Business Apps Konfiguration flexmobility platform - App Update AppStore

The advantage of support & updates

As a platform for business app configuration without code, flexmobility platform also offers decisive advantages over individually programmed business apps. Such business apps become obsolete the moment they are uploaded to the store. From this moment on, the developers have to deal with all changes of the manufacturers (Apple, Google, Microsoft) individually. When the mobile operating systems are updated, the update process and the development usually starts again. With flexmobility platform, the platform is responsible here and supports updates from the manufacturers. This ensures that you can always access the latest version of your business app across devices.

Digitize your business.

Fast, agile and efficient.


The most important questions and answers for you at a glance

How is the interface of the flexmobility platform structured?

flexmobility platform offers a clear and efficient user & app-centric interface for the configuration of individual business apps. Both the web interface and the CCM of flexmobility platform are tailored to the highest degree to the creator of the business app and the administrator. The possibility of a central configuration ensures logging of all systems as well as end devices down to the detailed level. Another special feature of the flexmobility platform is the direct connection of all systems in the CCM. In addition, the platform is characterized by an intuitive operating architecture. This supports the user in completing his tasks quickly and efficiently. A clear dashboard also allows users to view the most important information and updates at a glance, so that they can keep an eye on their business at all times – of course, there are also almost infinite options for customization and increasing efficiency.

How secure are the flexmobility platform business apps?

No matter what type of technology or use case is involved: The basis for business app configuration is needs-based consulting and cooperation in a spirit of partnership. This ensures the configuration of business apps that precisely meet the customer’s specific application needs and also offer a high level of protection against cyber attacks. This is an extremely important aspect, considering that sensitive company data, among other things, is stored in the app.

To ensure the highest level of security, stability and performance, we use state-of-the-art technologies and support the high requirements of our customers from a wide range of sectors. We have also integrated a layer for our customers from public or protection-worthy infrastructure operations with the world’s leading manufacturer for security solutions, which makes it possible to fall back on level-1 security requirements. We also ensure the highest stability and resilient performance with solid technology.

How and from where can I access the platform or business apps?

flexmobility platform enables both cloud and on-premises use. flexmobility platform and flexmobility platform cloud are fully compatible and offer users the option of working in the cloud or on-premises. The use of cloud technology offers some possibilities that are not available in the OnPremises version. But even if a decision has not yet been made in favor of a cloud strategy, there are no disadvantages for you in your business app. Likewise, different group policies can be the deciding factor for the technologies that are used in your company.

Is the flexmobility platform design static or can my corporate CI be integrated?

Using flexmobility platform, professional business apps with customizable design can be configured. In the native flexmobility business apps for iOS, Android & Windows, we offer all the design customization options known from modern web designs and frameworks. The native app technology and the dynamic GUI adapted in the business app ensure top performance and maximum flexibility. Business apps configured using flexmobility platform are thus much more effective than simple web apps and other non-native technologies. You can use simple responsive quick designs or provide a 100% customized graphical design for your individual GUI. flexmobility platform knows no limit to your creativity here.

For whom are the business apps configured using flexmobility platform suitable?

With flexmobility platform you can create native business apps by configuration. It is also possible to configure full-fledged business portals as a web solution. In doing so, you dispense with the native functions that are relevant for business apps. However, these are not necessary for web portals. Completely without programming, you use the advantages of the flexmobility platform to realize the connection of almost all modern systems, whether OnPrem based ERP systems, cloud or microservices or any databases. Create a portal, store or whatever is required easily and quickly.

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